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How to write a case study

Posted by yishaym on September 29, 2008

When we engage with practitioners, the first thing we ask them is for a case study. That seems to be an overloaded, somewhat obscure creature. We think we know exactly what it means, or at least what we’re looking for, but it turns out that the term is so widely used in so many ways, that it can go any odd way. Often people bring their personal statement of beliefs and achievements. In other cases, they will give a marketing presentation of their project or institution. All we really want is a good story. Believe me – that’s pretty close to the best place to start a discussion, which is what Planet is all about…

We developed the S.T.A.R.R template, which we provided as a powerpoint template and as an online form. That helped, but usually only after some verbal introduction. So here’s that introduction as a (hopefully) free-standing, self-explanatory slide deck:

Please let us know how to improve it..

(And if you’re struggling with the more technical issues, there’s the help page. )

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we’re on your case (or want to be)

Posted by IJF on April 15, 2008

On 23-25 April Emerge is holding an Online Conference on Digital Communities & Digital Identities. We’re planning an experimental session at that event. We want you to send us your stories (or “case studies” to make it sound scientific) about using participatory technologies (aka web2.0) in education. We’ll collate, choose, pick out common themes, and try to identify patterns. We’ll present and discuss these with you at the conference.

We’re looking for your raw, real-life experiences, not high-level analysis or learned observations. And remember – failure is a better teacher than success.

If you’re game, download this powerpoint template, download the template, fill it in, and send it to us*.

*: To submit your case study, please upload it to slideshare, tag it with “planetcasestudy” and email yishaym [at] gmail [dot] com & steven [dot] warburton [at] kcl [dot] ac [dot] uk

– or just email us the slideset.

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