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Call for papers: Pragmatic and systematic approaches in applying patterns

Posted by yishaym on September 12, 2008

Browsing through some old notes from EuroPLoP, I found this:

Call for papers: Special Issue of Springer Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming (TPLOP) “Pragmatic and systematic approaches in applying patterns”

Even though patterns are a software engineering success story and have become mainstream in recent years, the application of the different types of patterns in practice has not yet fully met the expectations of the patterns community yet. Among other reasons, this is due to the inefficient advertisement of patterns to the community, as well as the lack of techniques for using patterns, and for introducing them into organizations. Many practitioners are aware of the GoF patterns and use them regularly in design and coding, but there is little evidence of systematic use of patterns in other areas of software, such as software architecture, analysis, or process. While there are many anecdotes of the benefits of using patterns, the impact of using patterns at any level is still not well understood. We note that there is some increase in teaching patterns in higher education and professional training programmes, but the results are not yet visible in the industry.
This special issue aims at studying the application of patterns in practice both from the practitioners and the researchers’ point of view. The former are pattern-based approaches that have been applied in industrial projects by experienced architects/designers and have shown promising results even if they lack scientific rigor. The latter are scientific approaches by researchers that aim at software engineering methods to support the systematic application of patterns but may still be at the research stage. Approaches that attempt to bridge the gap between these two extremes are particularly welcome.


Full CFP:

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Out of EuroPLoP

Posted by yishaym on August 2, 2008

EuroPLoP 2008 was probably the most fun I’ve ever had a conference. Imagine – strictly no powerpoint, no wireless, lots of games and an inexhaustible supply of beer. Ah, yes – EuroPLoP is the European member of the PLoPs family of conferences, which have been the primary meeting points of the design patterns community for nearly 20 years.

Funny thing, how social scientists will stand before a hall full of neatly packed passive listeners and preach about collaborative constructivist learning, while the computer scientists just do it. At EuroPLoP (and I imagine all other PLoPs) you don’t present a paper. You offer it to a workgroup, which will then discuss it seriously, in a supportive yet ruthlessly critical atmosphere, for an hour or so while you play “fly on the wall”. It’s an amazingly intensive learning experience, on both sides.

EuroPLoP 2008 also leaves ample space and time for the real work of conferencing, the stuff that can’t be captured in predefined structure, because it emerges out of the discussions at the time and place. There’s BOFs, focus groups, walks, swims, and well, yes – lots of beer.

Two of the discussions I was invloved in are starting to take on a life of their own, and both are strongly related to what we’re doing here at Planet.

The workgroup I attended was focused on Pedagogical Patterns. The discussions there were so lively, and the sense of common commitment so strong, that we felt we simply can’t let it end there. We’re thinking of various initiatives to take on together over the coming months. You can have a look at the groups space and mailing list.

Over BOFs and dinners some of us started discussing the various attempts to develop repositories, editors and other tools for creating, managing and sharing patterns. We all agreed on the need to coordinate efforts and work towards interoperability. This led to an ongoing discussion, which now also has its work space and mailing list.

Tune in, and see you at EuroPLoP 2009!

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