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    John Gray, johnrichard dot gray at googlemail dot com

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    Janet Finlay, J dot Finlay at leedsmet dot ac dot uk

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    Yishay Mor, yishay at gmail dot com

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2 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. Rob Knapp said

    I just ran across your web presence, and it looks as though there’s some overlap, and we should be in touch. I’m in the Liberating Voices pattern collection, and in fact have been animated by the pattern language approach for a long time. I teach at Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA, USA), a place which is whole-hearted about interdisciplinary study and curricular experiment (we do little else), at US undergraduate level. My own teaching, for example, is physics and sustainable design of buildings, and links me with architects, economists, and ecologists in team-taught programs.

    This setting (Evergreen) has low budgets, high student numbers, hiring and retention based solely on teaching, and lots of faculty autonomy. So we want, and need, and can use any new modes that might promote learning within our constraints. It’s a really interesting and enlivening place. Naturally Web 2.0 things are finding their way into this environment, and undergoing an anarchic kind of qualitative testing.

    I myself am a user, not a developer of Web tools, and a pretty fickle user at that, given that the rest of what I do in teaching is in considerable flux all the time. But I find more and more use for the 2.0 kind of thing, as it better and better supports collaborative work, and connection to what’s happening in the so-called real world. To hear that you all are trying to tease out the patterns in what works is exciting. I’d certainly like to be in touch with developments.

    As a small contribution, I’d like to send along an essay of mine about conversation as a guiding metaphor in teaching and learning, if that might be useful to someone. And I’m actually going to be in England for most of July (near Lancaster), so maybe even a non-virtual visit might work out.

  2. Just came across your site. Great project idea. I too am interested in using pattern languages in HE. Currently I am teaching a course at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) where we use pattern languages to model domains of interest that have a creative element (artists, craftsman, etc). This year the students are tackling patterns for an academic innovation community as we work to launch a new center for student innovation next year. If you’re interested I can share what we have done. Let me know.


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