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We – have – A – P – I!!

Posted by yishaym on December 23, 2008

Thanks to the good work of Ajdin, we now have an HTML API that serves Patterns and Cases in XML, PLML, RSS or CSV. I’ve also added a generic API, which allows you to browse all object in the system in XML/HTML.

The intention here is to allow other design pattern / learning design repositories to interface with our system programmaticaly with as little effort as possible. Other systems could list our objects, include them in searches, support easy linking, or offer an alternative interface (read only, for now).

More should be coming, so you might want to watch

But there’s also a caveat: we’re still in the experimental / conceptual phase. These APIs work, but they are also subject to change. We give no guarentees of backward compatibility. So if you use them, make sure you wrap them with an abstraction layer on your end.


One Response to “We – have – A – P – I!!”

  1. John G said

    Hi Yish,
    I have sent the Planet team an email from my gmail account; this will bypass the filter that you have set up on your email account so make sure you look for this email sent today at around 14:50. It concerns outstanding issues for the final report.

    By the way, I like the idea of the API based on REST as it begins to implement a searchable collection of patterns. One thing that it does not address is typical usage by people designing learning experiences where the type of constraints that they may be dealing with include the size of student groups, whether groups work is involved etc… Is this something to be considered for the future?

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