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e-Framework Workshop – Weds 29th October 2008.

Posted by johnrg on October 30, 2008

Went to the e-framework workshop yesterday and in retrospect I feel it was useful in that it helped me make more sense of what is expected from project teams’ contributions to the e-framework.  The workshop introduced ‘Programme X’ which is concerned with something called the ‘JISC Innovation Base’ and the ‘national’ e-framework. We were introduced to the JISC Innovation Base; it would be helpful if the purpose of this database was clearly stated – my take is that JISC are trying to create a search-able database containing descriptions of key aspects of each project together with clear statements of their outputs. These outputs will include references to entries in the e-framework and hence make it easier for other people to find and use these outputs. People at the workshop were used as guinea pigs to test the process of identifying essential elements of their respective projects and model them. There are emerging tools and templates to support the IB however they are not widely released as yet.

With regard to the e-framework my understanding is that identified services arising from projects need to be expressed as service usage models; such services may be software tools, processes, activities etc. The workshop included an introduction on how to bridge from a project’s entry in the IB onto entries in the national e-framework as SUMs. 

Together with a colleague I was able to create an entry for the Streamline project for the IB, to specify elements of the bridge and to create a tentative SUM for one of the services arising from the project. This was relatively straight forward as the service was a software tool; I think matters may be more difficult if the service is a process (such as some of the outputs from PLanet).

It is unclear exactly what is expected from current Projects with regard to contributions to either the IB of the e-framework; clearly attendance at this event and being guinea pigs in the process are evident contributions to the ‘e’framework’. I’ve emailed Lawrie seeking clrification on this point.

George Roberts said that he would collect slides from the event and make them available via the EMERGE website – not yet present at the time of this post.


2 Responses to “e-Framework Workshop – Weds 29th October 2008.”

  1. Richard said

    Thanks for the workshop feedback! I take your point about needing to be clearer about the purpose and function of the IB – this is something that several people have mentioned so we’ll make sure it’s addressed in future workshops and literature.

    The slides from the workshop are now available from, which is also the site to keep your eye on for Community Engagement Project news and information in future.

  2. Richard said

    Thanks for the workshop feedback! I take your point that we need to be clearer about the purpose and functions of the Innovation Base. This is something a few people have mentioned so we’re going to make sure we address it in future workshops.

    The presentations from the day are now available at

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