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cheers, Daniel!

Posted by yishaym on July 22, 2008

Here’s a bit of feedback from Daniel, who participated in the Making Stuff Together workshop:

I have to say I was positively surprised by the workshop, as I told some of you it gave me an entirely new perspective for my own research and for design in general. I would be happy to work more on this (or be shepherded!), and I also think we could come up with some good stuff.

I didn’t have a case study with me for the workshop, but I have several years worth of “case studies” of online games in my head that shouldn’t be too hard to replicate given some time. As you might have guessed my area of expertise (if you can call it that) is really in games, and I would personally be quite interested in comparing the designpatterns for collaboration in games, to the patterns that designers currently try to use for creating collaborative online environments/programs. As someone mentioned during the workshop, the gaming industry are quite far ahead in many aspects such as collaboration and capturing the users interest.

Thanks Daniel. Good point about games – we should follow up on that.


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