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CETL ALiC Workshop – July 21st 2008

Posted by johnrg on July 21, 2008

Planet – CETL ALiC Workshop: July 21st.

Had a really good session with the CETL ALiC Teaching Fellows today. Lots of engagement and some excellent outcomes.

Observations With my Group.

It was interesting working with a group of staff who were very aware of each other’s work prior to the session. This had some drawbacks in that it meant that the early discussions were a little hindered due the publication of papers in which participants had drawn together different elements of their experiences into a common paper. However it quickly became apparent that the initial single case study was in reality two case studies and a third related case study also needed to be entered. Hopefully the existing case study will be modified and the two new ones entered soon.

One point of feedback early in the day focused on an enhancement to the Planet wiki; several of the case studies were the result of input by two or more people however only the person who actually entered the case study into the platform was able to edit it. A need for multiple owners with read / write access was established – Yishay how quickly can we respond to this?

Issues Arising.

The wifi signal in the room allocated for the session was extremely patchy and this disrupted the process of working on the live Planet platform to the extent that information was captured as word/text documents. We need to ensure that we are provided with better support for future sessions.

As the session developed I was surprised at how quickly the issues identified from the case studies moved away from their specific subject domain. Is this is something that others have observed in earlier workshops?

It is clear that everyone felt very comfortable identifying issues arising from the discussions of the case studies however taking these forward to propose proto patterns was more challenging. Some good patterns were proposed e.g. ‘What’sInIt ForMe’ however I think we really need to have some examples of the complete outputs starting with case studies and ending in patterns to help participants engage in our processes. Yishay suggested that we make our own pattern identification process into a pattern, if I enter the case study details can others develop the pattern(s) please?

What Happens Next.

It was agreed that Janet and I would take some of the identified proto patterns and enter them into the platform. Participants agreed to refine their case studies (where necessary) and assume ownership of, and hence continue to develop, relevant patterns [this is dependent on ensuring multiple people have read/write access to these case studies and patterns].

This session only looked at a couple of elements of some of the CETL ALiC activities so we agreed that further meetings to extend the range of activities covered should be held; late September was identified as a good time for the next workshop. Now that the ALiC Fellows have some experience of the process we have high hopes of generating some excellent patterns form their work.


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