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EMERGE Online Event – June 23rd: Planet Session

Posted by johnrg on June 25, 2008

Had a really useful time participating in the Planet session on Monday. It was helpful to have the originators of some of the case studies available to introduce them; this helped the process of identifying similar experiences in different contexts. The discussions were quite extensive and generally helped move the project forward. Given the range, differing levels of experience and interest of the participants I think we need to schedule at least 2 online sessions to elicit patterns, the first focused on cases and the generation of key factors arising from these, and the second to revisit and sharpen these key factors into patterns.

One thing that I feel would help me in this process would be examples for each phase of the process. Currently we have some example case studies and the seed patterns that they generate. Can we create some examples for the next phases and in particular examples for specific patterns so that people can see what they are aiming to produce?

After some 4 hours or so online I was in need of a break – particularly as I was presenting in another session later on Monday. I think this gives us some things to consider when planning similar events in the future; we need to ensure that participants have enough space and time to review cases and begin the process of identifying patterns without becoming exhausted.

Overall I feel that they session was successful and that we need to arrange to meet again with those who submitted case studies to take their contributions forward.


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