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Posted by Janet Finlay on May 20, 2008

Today we held our first pattern elicitation workshop. Having established a prototype platform and trialled our case study based process at the Emerge online conference in April we were now ready to start our face to face workshops. We will be running a series of these (and online events) over the next few months and invite anyone interested to sign up and come along to one. But before we let our approach loose on an unsuspecting community we decided it was only right that we, the project team, should experience it for ourselves.

So today’s workshop was for the team and our theme was one close to many of our hearts – effective project communication. Ably facilitated by Yishay, we each proposed a case study – a short semi-structured description of a “critical incident” that we had experienced. These were posted on the Wiki in advance and refined during the workshop. Gradually, through lively discussion about these case studies, potential fledgling patterns started to emerge. These now need to be fleshed out and discussed further and tested more widely to see if they really are patterns. But the seeds are there…

Our next workshop will be on June 9th in Leeds on the subject of using Web 2.0 in reflective practice (AWESOME and REFLECT colleagues take note!). All are welcome to take part – and more details will be posted soon. Watch this space.

In the mean time check out Planet Wiki and tell us what you think of our case studies and seed ideas for patterns….. do these ring true with your experience? Has your experience been different? Only by seeing how something holds as a solution across multiple cases can we genuinely call it a pattern. So we need your input.

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