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User engagement in pattern elicitation

Posted by Janet Finlay on February 27, 2008

A critical part of the Planet project is user engagement – identifying and writing patterns must be a community activity for it to have relevance and application to that community. Patterns need to be drawn from that community’s practice and address the problems recognised as recurring regularly in that community. In the initial bid we identified Web 2.0 for learning as our core community and highlighted some Emerge and non-Emerge projects who had already agreed to work with us. Since then we have also had expressions of interest from the Second Life community so we may extend our interpretation of Web 2.0 to include virtual worlds!

Our user engagement will take the form of pattern elicitation workshops, both fact to face and online, and engagement through our Planet platform in developing, reviewing and revising the patterns. The exact schedule for workshops is still being finalised but we will be working with different user groups in phases, recognising that the new projects in particular will need time to establish practices and identify issues that they wish to share. So we will be starting with two established user groups outside of Emerge. CETL ALiC is a collaborative Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning focusing on Active Learning in Computing. The project is currently 3 years into a 5 year project so has identified a lot of good practice that it wants to disseminate to the rest of the HE community. Becoming a Webhead (BaW) is an annual six ­week induction programme that allows participants to join the “mother­community” Webheads in Action. Cristina Costa is our liaison with this community, to extract the good practice from their archives into patterns to be shared more widely.

Working with these two groups, using the process already devised through the Learning Patterns project, we will begin identifying patterns and refining our elicitation approach. Later, in May when our initial web platform will be released, we will be inviting other Emerge teams to work with us also.


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