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Demand for patterns platform

Posted by IJF on February 6, 2008

I’ve just read the outcomes of Sheila MacNeil’s poll on “In the next year, where should JISC concentrate funding for learning, activities and resources?”. Top of the list was a user friendly tool for creating and sharing learning designs (63% of votes) – which suggests a lot of potential interest and user engagement for the patterns platform that the PLaNET project could tap into. Patterns are not necessarily the same as learning designs, but are closely related to them. See for details of the poll.

One Response to “Demand for patterns platform”

  1. yishaym said

    Definitely, although I think we still need to convince our audience that patterns offer this.
    From my experience with the pedagogy planner is that there is an acute need for basic tools, which would support the fundamental productivity issues of learning design, such as scheduling and resourcing.

    Perhaps what this suggests is that patterns need to be presented as part of a wider package.

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